Birthday Painting workshops

Celebrate a milestone, Batmitzvah, Barmitzvah, Birthday or Anniversary.

Options include:

Challah cover workshop 130Ils per person- includes challah cover and paints, 2 hours of painting fun!


Custom Canvas 1m by 1m great for 8-10 people, Let us design a canvas either stretched or rolled if you need to travel with it. Paint together as a team/family and create special memories together: Price 2200ISL 2-3 hours of painting fun!

Beach Bag workshop 350 ILS per person includes beach bag and 2 hours of painting fun! leave with your stunning one of a kind beach bag!

Beach Hat workshop 350ILS per person. DESIGN, CREATE, INSPIRE, create your own beach hat, perfect for summer! 

Other workshops:

CANVAS painting- 130ILS per person

Skateboard workshop 650ILS per person- includes skateboard

Sneaker workshop- bring own or we will source for you.

Denim Jacket workshop! Bring own or we will source for you.

Hamsa Workshop 130Ils per person. 2 hours of painting fun. Hamsa on canvas.